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3D City Maps from the world's greatest cities around the globe

Uninterrupted views


The CityWall is our largest 3D map available. The unbelievable size of the CityWall allows the visualization of several neighborhoods or entire cities.

Modern production methods allow a very detailed representation, in which every house, every floor and, depending on the scale, every single chimney is visible. On the other hand, from a sufficient distance, you can see structures that extend over the entire city.

A timeless classic


Discover the heartbeat of a city.

The CityFrame represents a city in a way that has never been possible before. With our minimalistic design approach we provide distinctive views into the true essence of a city.

The most beautiful places of your favorite city - always around you!

Travel the world with CITYFRAMES


With more than 80 available areas in over 25 countries the CityCube is our most versatile product.

The CityCube highlights the most recognizable and well-known monuments or neighborhoods of a city. Explore impressive details thanks to our unique hand-processed 3D data.

Combine your favorite places to create your personal unique CityCube collection.

Unique 3D Design for your walls

The places you love - always around you

Opening up the 3rd dimension of a city map creates a truly unique experience to explore your favorite city.

Choose from your constantly growing collection of cities to decorate your everyday living and working spaces in a way that has never been possible before.

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