We cooperate with a small, local family-owned glass workshop producing in Germany and specialized on the production of premium showcases, glazings and creative glass work.


The CITYFRAMES CUBUS is a glass cover meeting the highest quality standards with 6mm float glass that achieves the perfect balance between its visual appearance and stability.


Once you've tried it, you'll never want to miss it again! Keep your CityCube and CityFrame not only protected and dust-free but have it displayed in a way that really lives up to your city. 


€39.00 EUR

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Acrylic: CityCube
Glass: CityFrame S, M, L

The Glass Cubus for the CityCube will be available from July 6th.

The CUBUS can be placed on top of your CityCube or CityFrame.

The buildings on the sides of the model will keep the CUBUS in place

Shipping time

Items in stock will be shipped within 1-2 days.


The CUBUS will be protected aditionally to keep it safe even on its longest journeys around the world.

Glass only for uninterrupted views

No metals or other disruptive materials are used that could interrupt the view. Glued with transparent, high-strength UV adhesive developed to preserve clear edges, we use floated-glass for an elegant finish.

offer your city a way to truly impress

Your city model is made to shine. The showcase is the final touch to let your city impress in full splendor.

Keep your antennas safe

Covering the fine structures of your city model , the CUBUS protects it from scratches and breaking.


find the perfect city to be placed under the cubus

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